By | September 25, 2017

Productivity is one of life’s great paradoxes: the harder we chase after it, the easier it eludes us.

Nabbing a productive groove is as much a matter of working smart as it is working hard, and these four tricks will likely give you the edge you’ve been looking for. 

  1. Find an Environment that Matches Your Rhythm

If you’re lucky enough to have the freedom to choose where you whittle away your work hours, odds are you’re working from home or your favorite coffee shop. While this does the trick for some, most don’t realize that alternatives exist which are better for productivity.

One example that comes to mind is a certain Granite Park coworking space. Bright interior design, unlimited coffee, game-changing amenities, and the presence of countless other professionals hard at work amount to a workplace that provides members with a blend of dynamism and focused productivity.

Coworking businesses like Common Desk are a haven for productivity, and are the setting of choice for a growing number of urban professionals. Not only does it match the personal rhythm of most clients, it encourages them to optimize their daily routines.

  1. Invest in Productivity Technology

Your smartphone might feel like the peak of what technology can offer the modern worker, but in reality, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Productivity technology is boundless, and spans all shapes and functions. The cream of the crop are intangible in nature: software designed to optimize everyday processes. From your calendar to your daily organizer, there are apps and programs with built-in features that let you coordinate with coworkers, monitor key performance indicators, and even automate processes that would once have taken tens of minutes out of your day.


  1. Hang onto Your Passions

We live in a culture that glorifies the busy. We equate success with a single-minded dedication to our careers and treat our passions like the inevitable offerings of a noble sacrifice.

Again, this approach works for a select few. Most others need to understand that excellence is the product of a meaningful lifestyle: one that makes the time for the things that make us feel human. Studies suggest that people who feel fulfilled outside of work deliver better output, so take the time you can to practice your writing or hit up the theater.

Besides keeping stress levels low, a slate of hobbies can prove to be a strong motivator as well –work shifts from a matter of survival to a matter of empowering you to achieve the things you’ve been longing to do.


  1. Live Healthy

The most important bits of advice are always the last things people consider consider. In this case, the value in living a healthy lifestyle as a means of achieving more throughout the working week is drastically underappreciated.

More often than not, slow and scattered minds are a sign that we should be doing more for our bodies. Conversely, proper sleep habits, a balanced diet, and some exercise throughout the day can work wonders for our alertness and mental functions.

Maximizing your productivity is a great balancing act: balancing the joy you squeeze out of life with the toil you put into your work. Keep this in mind and stop yourself from swinging too far into either direction –relaxed or overworked– and you’ll be firing on all cylinders in no time.

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