By | August 25, 2017

One of the biggest problems offices face is managing the workplace. That is, making sure there is enough space for everyone to work productively. With rent prices at an all-time high, there’s only enough office space to go around, which means things can get pretty cluttered, fast.

Having trouble with limited office space? Here are some easy ways to decongest your office:


  1. Telecommuting

The New York Times reports that over 43% of Americans are working remotely–and for good reason.

Studies show that telecommuters save businesses an average of $2,000 each year in office space, electricity expenses, utility costs, and other related expenses. Furthermore, employees who telecommute are able to reduce their personal expenses, saving an estimated $1,120 on transportation and fuel, $1,000 on annual dry cleaning expenses, over $800 on food and beverage expenses, $750 on tax, and nearly $600 on clothing.

Apart from the financial benefits, telecommuters are also 13% more productive, 87% more likely to “love” their jobs, and 50% less likely to quit.

Looking for ways to clear up office space? Consider giving your employees telecommuting options. Whether it’s working from home or relocating to an office for rent nearby, remote work is definitely something worth exploring.


  1. Flexible Working Hours

Are you more productive late at night or early in the morning? If you are, you’re not alone.

People have varying sleep patterns, which means that not everyone is made for the typical nine-to-five. In fact, modern science suggests that flexible work schedules are the best way to get the maximum productivity out of each individual.

Not convinced? Reports clearly show that flexible work hours lead to improved productivity higher levels of employee happiness, better work-life balance, and greater levels of employee happiness.

If you need to free up some office space, allow your employees to come in when they are most comfortable. Not only will you get the best out of their productivity, you’ll also clear up some space in the process.


  1. Coworking Spaces

Having trouble fitting everyone in the office? Explore moving employees to a local coworking space or virtual office like

Coworking spaces are equipped with office essentials like WiFi, conference rooms, work desks, and printers. Some even come with cool amenities like cafeterias, lounges, and play areas.

Oh, and they’re much cheaper than most office spaces!

  1. Office Automation

Streamline your workflows by letting machines and software do the heavy lifting. Rather than bombarding your team with manual tasks, look for office automation tools that can do the work for you.


Here are some helpful apps you can use at work:

Iterable – for email marketing, A/B testing, and messaging

BaseCamp – for task management

Google Docs / Sheets / Slides – for sharing, editing, and revising work documents

HubSpot – for inbound marketing and analytics

Evernote – for easy note-taking and checklists

Expensify – for keeping track of expenses, receipts, and reimbursements

Workable – for recruiting and hiring

Now that your office is clear for takeoff, you can focus on what really matters: giving your customers the products and services they deserve. Happy working!

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