5 Business Growth Terms You Should Understand

Business is booming! There’s no shortage of opportunities out there across so many different fields and industries. No matter what particular sector you work in, small business growth consultants can help you make the most of this fantastic environment to get ahead and be successful. As any business growth consultant will tell you, there is an abundance of terms you should be familiar with to ensure you have the greatest understanding of what’s going on at your organization. Here are five key terms and phases you should prioritize! 

Economies of Scale

This refers to the factors that determine how a business becomes more efficient as it grows larger. A business growth consultant can help you understand how expansion and efficiency and productivity can go hand in hand, with careful preparation and management. Similarly, there are also diseconomies of scale, which covers the factors that determine how a business may lose efficiency with large-scale growth.

Internal Growth

Also referred to as organic growth, this occurs when a business gets bigger by expanding from within, relying on its own resources rather than outside influences and elements. This could include staff, technology, internal investments, unused funds and many other things. If you can focus on internal growth, you are likely to have a bright future ahead of you. 

Joint Venture

There’s a whole heap of examples to showcase recognizable and successful joint ventures. This occurs when an agreement is reached between two or more companies to work together on a specific business activity, whether it be manufacturing a particular product or running an advertising campaign. By sharing resources, businesses can boost one another up and reap the benefits.

Multinational Company 

There’s an amazing array of international organizations in existence today. Multinational companies are those which produce and sell goods or services in more than one country. Some major examples, such as Coca Cola, Apple and Amazon have expanded to reach many countries around the globe. 


Many fast food restaurants, shops and stores are actually franchises. These consist of a group of individuals who perform the commercial activity of a certain company. In other words, a franchisee owns and operates a portion of a business, whether it’s through selling food, merchandise or much more. Your chosen business growth consultant can explain all this in great detail, so you can understand exactly what your options are in the business world. 

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