Interesting Things to Do With Shock Cords

A shock cord is a useful little thing to have. And, you probably have at least a few sitting around your house. They’re great for holding tarps, keeping cargo tight on top of your car, and many other things. But, elastic shock cord also has many less conventional uses.

Tablecloth Holder

If you’ve ever had to deal with a tablecloth on a blustery day, you know how infuriating it can be. But, you can’t let a little wind ruin your picnic. Take a tablecloth with holes in it and stick the ends of a shock cord through the holes. The cord will hold the tablecloth down from underneath the table so you can eat in peace.

Fort Reinforcement

Building a fort in the living room is fun for the whole family. But, you might not be able to make it as large as you want to. After all, there are only so many chairs in the house that can hold up blankets and only so far apart you can put the chairs before the fort starts to collapse. To create a bigger fort that won’t fall in on you, string a shock cord between two chairs. It will help hold up the blankets.

Furniture Repair

Do you have an old chair or table that’s a bit broken? Or maybe you have a few pieces of furniture that just look boring? You can use shock cords to spice up plain furniture or give somewhat broken furniture new life. A chair that used to have wooden bars on the inside of the frame but now doesn’t isn’t automatically garbage. You can weave a lattice of shock cord to create a new solid back for the chair. You can also weave shock cord to turn a table with legs into a table with a little cubby underneath.


Despite their durability, shock cords can still break. But, a broken shock cord may still have a use. If there’s a big enough piece intact, you can turn a shock cord into a bracelet. If you have a few broken shock cords, you could make a braided bracelet instead of a plain one.

There are so many other creative and fun ways to use shock cords. Their simplicity and durability makes them perfect for so many different tasks. Next time you have a problem, an elastic shock cord may be just what you need to solve it. Just think outside the box.

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