My Check Engine Light

According to a national Gallup poll, the average american works around 47 hours per week. Depending on the profession, workers have been said to work as many as 60 to 80 hours per week. This leaves little time for other activities like spending time with family, housework and maintaining a vehicle. This is where virtual transmission repair consultant services may come into play. Often, a customer must take their vehicle to a repair technician in order to have the problem diagnosed and to be quoted a price for the repair services. However, a virtual appointment with a technician at My Check Engine Light makes this process much easier.

Membership Plans

My Check Engine Light has two monthly payment plans available to customers. The first is for single customers and includes one Skype call per month. During the Skype call customers are able to ask the technician questions about their vehicle. It also includes three estimate reviews and three question and answer forums. This plan is perfect for a single home with multiple vehicles and costs about $300 a year. The second monthly payment plan includes one Skype call per month and six question and answer forums a month. This plan costs about $1000 a year and is ideal for businesses that have multiple company cars. If a customer does not want to invest in a monthly membership, Skype calls cost about $50 each.

My Check Engine Light TV

In addition to helping customers through virtual transmission repair consultant services, My Check Engine Light has started their own Youtube channel aimed at educated people about what is under their vehicle’s hood. Their first video is dedicated to educating people about their check engine light. In the video, Sam Dillinger, founder of My Check Engine Light, discusses when to check the engine light and why the engine light itself is important. One of the main ideas he is sure to highlight, is that the engine light is important, even though its presence can be annoying at times. Sometimes there may be small issues that the check engine light can warn the driver about. However, if the light is removed from the car, these small issues can turn into larger issues and prevent the vehicle from being driven at all. For this reason, drivers should always consult a professional before turning off their check engine light. This will ensure that the car is healthy and will remain operational.

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