The Ultimate Multitasking Tractor

You’ve heard of multi-tasking. For landscapers and others construction professionals an array of Dingo attachments makes one heavy-duty, all-terrain tractor into the ultimate Swiss Army Knife. With 20 different attachments, one tractor takes on the tasks of 20 different pieces of equipment.

The Dingo system is built around a heavy-duty tractor where 20 different Dingo machine attachments can quickly be bolted in place to get to work. Investing in the Dingo system saves money over buying each piece of equipment individually, and there is less storage space needed. The Dingo attachments include hydraulic breakers, backhoes, different sized buckets, forks, grapple rakes, soil cultivators, augers, and more!

Most Popular Attachments

The high-torque power head attachment for the auger is capable of digging 30″ holes up to 6′ deep in clay, gravel, sandstone, and more. With its high-torque engine it outperforms other low torque heads that get stuck in difficult soil. The auger features a single directional pivot which prevents the auger from kicking left to right. A planetary gear drive provides high speeds and maximum torque to the auger, while transmitting minimal stress on the auger head.

The cement bowl attachment mixes and hauls dry cement up to 200 pounds. Simply add dry cement and water. A specially designed auger spins to maintain cement consistency. The cement bowl features an easy-pour spout perfect for filling fence post holes.

The utility blade attachment features a hydraulic blade for a variety of dirt or snow moving jobs. This attachment fills trenches easily, even between rows of trees or irrigation pipes. With its hydraulic blade, in the winter the utility blade attachment pushes snow from sidewalks in one pass. With its compact size it is narrow enough to use hydraulic power to tight areas such as doorways and gates where others must shovel by hand.

The Dingo forks attachment are adjustable forks that are ideal for moving a variety of material from posts, rocks, trees, pallets, etc. around the job without fatigue, and no heavy lifting on your part. The forks are easy to adjust to different widths, and they are made from high-strength steel so as to resist bending under heavy loads.

The Dingo snow thrower attachment digs into snow banks and freshly fallen snow and removes even the toughest ice and snow. It features a two-stage design and has power to break up chunks of hardened snow, leaving behind a clean surface. With its 44-inch clearing width, the snow thrower attachment makes quick work of small or large snow removal projects. An easy-to-use chute adjusts to direct snow where you are piling.

When equipment storage is an issue, landscapers and construction professionals can store the 20 different Dingo attachments in a much smaller space than 20 different pieces of equipment. The Dingo attachments are also less expensive per attachment over purchasing individual equipment.

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