Learn the Right Way to Perform Telephone Interviews

Phone interviews are the best means to learn about a candidate prior to bringing them for a personal interview.

Though telephone interviews do not enable recruiters with an opportunity to look at their non-verbal communication and body language, they present opportunities to learn about them beyond their social media profile and resume.

In order to be effective, the recruiter needs to be prepared a lot to conduct a personal interview. This will get them more than optimal results. Here in this article, we will be telling you some efficient tips that will help you realize the objective of the hiring process.

Learn about your interviewer styles

There are several online places where you can easily get phone interview questions and best answers. Styles of interviewer is categorized in the following ways i.e., sleazy, savvy, or easy.  It is important for an interviewer to assess what is their type and then adjust accordingly:


Such interviewer speaks a lot with cheesy lines. He does not shut his mouth and focuses on “selling” every opportunity that he gets. Such an interviewer is intrusive and obnoxious.


This is the guy who gives as well as receives minimum information. He does not indulge in any question and answer session or follow up. He himself provides answers to the candidate in place of asking them about his or her experience.


This type of interviewer is transparent and engaging. He leaves a positive impression on the candidate that makes it easy for them to envision themselves as being an employee there.

Important tips for recruiting agencies to make telephone interview a success:

The telephonic interview when performed correctly is a fabulous method to learn about the candidates correctly. You should take it seriously, with better preparation and planning to achieve the best outcome.


Learn about each candidate prior to conducting the interview. You can get information through various different means such as LinkedIn profile, resume, an online application etc. Ensure to include the description of job so that you can get the right candidate to apply for the job.

Find someplace quiet:

To accomplish interview easily and efficiently, it requires to conduct it in a private, and quiet spot that does not present any distractions.

No distractions:

While interviewing candidates, you should not involve in any other activity side by side. You should not check text message, email, or surf Facebook. Make efforts to eliminate any external distractions while you discuss options with the job seekers.

Refrain from much talking

Some people are very much comfortable to talk over the phone while there are a few who are comfortable to interview in person. Whatever be the approach you take, it is advised to ask questions, but it should be short ended ones. Always pay attention to listen to the candidate at all times.


Whether you are interviewer conducting a telephone screen or a recruitment manager who is forming the final decision, you have to be prepared to better conduct a telephone interview. Hope this article informs you about the right ways to conduct a telephone interview to get the best candidates for the job.

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