5 Fun Facts About Concrete You Should Know

The world would be a very different place without concrete. This amazing building material makes so many things possible, from concrete driveway repair to the construction of massive skyscrapers and so much more. Made from a unique mixture of broken stone, gravel, cement, sand and water, concrete can be spread, poured and molded for a variety of situations and settings. Here are five more fascinating and fun facts about concrete you should know!

Historic Examples

While the use of concrete has skyrocketed in the recent building boom, this material has been being used for thousands of years. The history books even show that by 700 BC, Bedouin traders had come up with a material, very similar to concrete, that was used in the construction of hidden water cisterns underground. This allowed for these people to survive in the desert environment, and nowadays this material has taken on a new life of it’s own, with large cities often coined “concrete jungles.”

Popular Product

It’s no secret that concrete driveway crack repair and the building industry have driven the popularity and necessity of concrete to new levels. You just can’t deny the importance of concrete in today’s world. In fact, concrete currently holds the title as the most popular manmade building product around the globe, with upwards of 7 billion cubic meters of concrete being made each year. That’s equivalent to one cubic meter for each and every person on earth!

Big Benefits

Perhaps one of the reasons why so many industries make good use of concrete is that this is one of the only materials that is highly resistant to both fire and water. Unlike other combustible materials, concrete will not burn, catch on fire or release toxic fumes in the event of contact with flames. At the same time, the unique mixture and molecules of concrete make it highly resistant to water and virtually waterproof. This means concrete is ideal for underground parking garages, basements and more.

Lengthy Travels

Did you know that 30 percent of America’s interstate highways are made up of concrete? You’re most likely driving on concrete roads every day you get behind the wheel! When these roads were first being built, concrete was a bit more expensive to use, but it was chosen due to its long-life span and durability. Concrete is still being used today for many roadways and driveways! That’s part of the reason why the demand for concrete driveway crack repair is so high!

Concrete vs. Cement

Many people understandably mistake concrete for cement, however these two materials are not the same. Contrary to public opinion, there is no such thing as a cement sidewalk! That’s because concrete is actually a mixture of 60-65% aggregates such as gravel, sand and crushed stone, 15-20% water and only 10-15% cement. When all these are mixed together, the cement and the water harden to combine the aggregates together into the solid mass known as concrete! The trusted experts who may come to your house to complete concrete driveway crack repair are well-versed on the makeup of cement and concrete, and they’ll have more fun facts for you!

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