Car Insurance For Dummies

There are so many factors to consider when purchasing car insurance. You need to choose an insurance company that covers all of your needs and keeps your costs down. It is important to consider the long and short term financial issues of premiums and immediate coverage, weighing the options form different companies. Florida auto insurance can help you get the right car insurance for you.

 Overview: How It Works

Car insurance is fairly simple. You pay an insurance company a certain amount of money in order to ensure that if your car happened to be damaged or destroyed, your insurance company would pay to return it back to the original condition, or replace the vehicle. If you or someone else were injured in an accident, the insurance company would ensure that you or the other injured person would get treatment. That is the basic premise, but auto policies can vary on many levels.

 Liability Coverage

This is something that you really should have and is usually a requirement by the sate that you are registering the car in. Liability coverage pays for the damage that you do to another car or person in an accident.

 Bodily Injury Liability

This insurance covers the potential costs of injuries or the death of another driver or person in an accident caused by you. Some examples of the types of payments that this insurance would cover are: loss of income, hospital stay, and medical bills.

 Comprehensive Coverage

This type of insurance covers damage done to your vehicle and any other vehicle that you are driving at the time. It only covers any damage caused by incidents, not actual collisions, including if your car was stolen or affected by a natural disaster or bad weather.

 Collision Coverage

This insurance pays for the costs of damage to your vehicle when you get in an accident with a vehicle or if your car is hit by another driver. If your car is older or has a lesser value, this is a coverage that you could look into dropping to lower your premium.

 Uninsured and Under Insured Coverage

This will cover the bills of repairs if you are in an accident with someone who dies not have insurance or does not have a very good insurance plan.

Doing research on all of these different options is key when figuring out what plan is best for you. Accidents happen, so having the right auto insurance is imperative. Florida auto insurance can help you get the right car insurance for you.

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