Help Your Colleagues by Educating them about Workplace Discrimination and Saving Them from Harassment

Everybody wants to make their prominent place in their company. Each employee, irrespective of any designation, tries to give their best in order to get appreciation from the boss. In today’s world irrespective of age and gender, employees work hard due to the competitiveness in every field. However, there are some companies who discriminate employees based on their national origin, race, gender, disability, color, religion, age or skin.

Las Vegas that is densely populated city in Nevada is the leading city in financial, cultural and commerce sector. Even tourism and entertainment are considered as an important sector for growth of economy. There are millions of people who travel to this city irrespective of their age, origin and gender. Some travel as tourists while some travel for business purpose. With new companies invading and settling in Las Vegas, there is a growth of population as people from different cities and countries are invited to work with them. Thus, it is common to see discrimination in some organizations.

According to Las Vegas employment law attorney, you will need their help when you are harassed, but have no idea about different laws that can help you in winning the case. Even if you’re jumbled about the working laws of any city, you can still consult them to get better idea about it. In case of any mistreatment, wrongful termination or hazardous working environment, a person can still seek help of an attorney.

Here are some important factors that can help you determine if you or your colleague is being discriminated –

  • One cannot target a person with personal questions during an interview, which isn’t related to work, for example, generally females are asked about their family planning and marital status which is strictly prohibited. The conversation can be done in a friendly manner after selection, but not during interview.
  • Usage of language or statements that clearly shows that a particular section or gender is being discriminated. For example, statements like women can’t handle outside work, or women can’t give proper time to office if they have kids.
  • If you see that women are given less work and opportunity compared to men in the same office, then it is a clear indication of discrimination. This will not only make women feel subdued, but also snatches their opportunity to show their talent.
  • When the pay isn’t equal for every employee in the same organization. This generally happens when an older employee is paid less compared to younger generation since they are considered less competent and not on par to the current trend of working scenarios.
  • Presumption about an employee and its abilities is another way of discriminating someone. For example, assuming that a pregnant lady will not join back post-delivery or an old age employee will not show interest in doing new projects.
  • If some employees are given favor openly by providing them liberty for entering office at any time or handing over special work to them which can also be done by some other competent employee, is a clear indication of discrimination.

In such cases, often the HR Department is useful. However, in many organizations, HR too is biased, then in such cases, you will need help of an employment attorney to get your rights back lawfully.

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