What Are the Different Types of Gas and Oil Sectors?

Oil and gas industry are considered to be the most flourishing and significant sector all across the world with respect to dollar value. This industry has got a global powerhouse that employs several thousands of workers all over the world to generate billions of dollars annually throughout the globe.

In regions that house key NOCs, oil & gas firms are very significant they often perform an immense amount of contribution towards forming national GDP. This article introduces you about the major sectors in oil & gas, the present condition of the industry, as well as future outlook.

The different oil & gas sectors

The oil as well as gas industry hires a hundred of thousands of employees worldwide to generate millions of dollars worldwide each and every year. This clearly states that oil & gas industry is a worldwide powerhouse.

This industry is bifurcated into 3 key stages such as an upstream, downstream and midstream. Novaspect is an e-learning portal that is dedicated to offering the latest knowledge for the oil & gas community all across the world.


The upstream aspect is called as exploration and exploration. It comprises of the hunt for underground and underwater natural fields of gas and crude oil. The process of drilling exploration wells and established wells helps companies to obtain natural form of oil and gas.


Midstream involves the storage, processing and transportation of oil & gas. Once these natural oil and gas resources get recovered, it needs to be moved to a refinery that is often kept in a fully different geographic area in comparison to the gas and oil reserves.  Transportation includes tanker ships, trucking fleets and pipelines.


Downstream denotes the cleaning of the raw materials obtained at the time of the upstream phase. This implies refining of crude oil as well as purifying natural gas. The commercial distribution and marketing of products to end users and customers in several different forms that include diesel oil, natural gas, gasoline, petrol, kerosene, lubricants, asphalt, jet fuel, liquefied petroleum gas, heating oil, and other kinds of petrochemicals.

What are the largest volume products?

In the oil & gas industry, there are a few things that are available in the largest volumes. These are gasoline and fuel oil. Petroleum is the major item for various different types of chemical products that include fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, plastics and solvents. Petroleum is integral to several industries. It is of prime importance to several countries as the basis of the industry.

In what ways does the insulation industry play a role?

The oil & gas industry needs insulation of mechanical pipe to maintain low levels of thermal conductivity, offer insulation against freezing temperatures, and lessen heat loss. Low levels of temperature and high pressure can rapidly build deposits that block flowlines.

With the help of industrial insulation, flow rates and temperature can be maintained affordably. It also assists in optimization of productivity, as well as reduction of processing cost.

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