How to Choose the Right Trademark for Your Business Subscription Box?

Branding your business subscription box with a trademark can be the most exciting as well as the most annoying part of your business development process. The various elements like selection of name, color, appearance, the tone of the trademark, work closely to form your overall business brand. To help you select the right trademark, we will tell you a few effective tips that are feasible from marketing as well as legal standpoint.

What is the usefulness of a business trademark?

The trademark of subscription boxes serves as a means for marketing (from brand perspective) as well protection (from legal perspective) for the business.

Trademark selection tips

Avoid “descriptive” trademarks

U.S. trademark law measures a trademark on the scale of protectability, as the more unique and distinctive it is, the convenient it becomes for its owner to claim it and get exclusive “trademark rights” for the term.

Trademarks are referred by different terms in legal perspective:

  • “coined” as very strong
  • “arbitrary” as strong
  • “suggestive” as “sweet spot”
  • “descriptive” as risky
  • “Generic” as bad and chances of it getting registration are nearly impossible.

Avoid “popular” trademarks

It is advised not to use famous trademarks as there can be chance that there exist several registrations for it with a little modification.

Guard yourself against “clever” misspellings

Businesses love to experiment with their trademark. A few clients even ask whether they can use fun iterations or spellings of marks. Such trademarks are difficult to get registered. Receiving a registration of such trademarks from the “USPTO” can be challenging.

Perform a trademark search

Before you settle on a trademark that you have selected and commence any promotional efforts, it is recommended to perform a thorough search for trademark clearance. Such searches will assist you in knowing whether or not any trademark similar to the one you have selected for your business already exists.

When you choose trademarks that are very similar to other existing trademarks, it adversely impacts the prior brand owner and the general public. What you can do is to do “cursory trademark search” in Google as well as the USPTO website for purposes of social media handle and domain availability prior to settling on a specific one.

You must know that you will be seeing inherent limitations when you perform your own search. Using a 3rd party to perform search for trademarks that are used at law and listed in business databases is beneficial. Such type of comprehensive search will help you check state trademark databases. It comes with other abilities like checking variations in spelling too across different platforms.

Tips to fine tune your delivery processes to make your subscription box business successful

  • Search for adjustable contracts by choosing a shipping provider with an ability to change your contract of order fulfillment regularly.
  • Fix a liberal schedule. Keep in mind that there can be possibility to find out of stock only a few days prior the boxes have to ship out. Keep backup suppliers.
  • Stock several different sizes of subscription boxes with custom print to match the distinctive image of the company.


Hope the above-mentioned tips would provide you important information in branding your subscription box.

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