Few Tips to Present Your Great Radio Program

Are you the one who is struggling for finding your own radio voice? Are you interested to create stronger bond with all your listeners?

If your answer to all these questions is in affirmative then you must read this post as some of the experts of this industry has offered their tips to present a great radio program.

Following are the seven easy and quick tips for presenting a great radio, starting right from your listener.

1.  Know your listener

Try to understand when, why and how your audience will listen to you. Be sure what audiences are listening on, where they will possibly be.

The basic aim of yours should be to develop “me too” moments along with your listener. The more you can understand them, easier it will be.

2.  Make the listener care

We believe that you are able to talk about almost anything on radio, however only if your radio voice is doing it in certain way which only you care and no one else cares.

3.  Talk to at least one person

You must understand that your audience is trying to experience your show as an individual, but not as a group of people. Therefore, try to avoid terms like: “you all” or “anyone out there” or also “some of you”.

This will imply that you are not connected with your listener. Often you must have seen a common example on YouTube where the host often starts with “hey guys” or “hey YouTubers” which talks to group rather than certain individual.

It is better to cultivate language of “you and I” and you will be able to engage your listener

4.  Be in charge

Since you are the host, keep your voice little energetic but calm and guide your listener with what you are saying but never confuse them but always be concise.

Nobody will complain if you try to play some other song and often few words may have far greater impact as compared to many words.

5.  Learn the rules first and then break them!

This is an important statement that works in every field to succeed. Whether it is sports or any other field, first you try to learn all the rules very well and try to digress them.

After that you try to invent your own rules so that you may break the rules without anyone realizing it.

6.  Make mic your best mate

Try to make the most out of your microphone and it can do really wonder. Mic can   take your voice so much that you need not shout and make sure that you are maintaining a good distance from the mic.

7.  Try to be yourself

Prefer not to do something that you are not used to do in front of the public. You cannot make people laugh by doing something that you are not comfortable with.

Therefore, it is very important that you be yourself but don’t try to imitate someone. Try to work on to your strengths, and do not try to be some other that you really are not.

Try to practice, get feedback and with proper training under good coach will make you successful.

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