Buying The Best Possible Wine In A Grocery Store

Supermarket wines are no illusion but a reality like other items. Whether you are buying wine with boxed spinach or paper towels, it is important that everything should be convenient. This does not mean that one should compromise on quality.

There are many Wine bars in Southern California and out of them, Gelson’s Wine Bar is the best one. The bar has variety of wines which lets you sit and enjoy some of the best quality wines around the world. The store gives you the best grocery shopping experience. Some of the traits which can help you in buying the best possible wine are.

  • Look at the ABV

Alcohol by Volume is given on every bottle and it lets you know what is inside the bottle. ABV is determined on the basis of how ripe the grapes were when they were picked. Higher the ABV, richer the wine. If you like heavy wine, it is good to go for ABV more than 13%. If you like light wines, it is good to go for ABV less than 13%.

  • Keep climate in mind

If the climate is warm, the wine is fruitier and sweet otherwise the wine can be more acidic and tart. The region’s climate might not be a top priority for you but if you use your judgment and keep in mind the geographical climate of the place you can buy a better wine rather than going for a pretty label.

  • Read the label

It is important to read both front and back label to get complete details about the wine. The wineries mostly have their own tasting notes which tell you about their winemaking. They tell you if they are using oak fermentation which gives richer wine with vanilla hints or some other practices. This will let you take the bottle home as there is no buttery word being used repeatedly.

  • Find recognizable regions

There are wine-producing regions which have strict rules and regulations. It is necessary for all the winemakers to follow them. The regional wine might not be the best wine but it can be better than the other wine brands and has a certain standard.

Some other tips which can help you in buying the best wine are:

  • Focus on varieties you know and love
  • Embrace the unknown wines
  • Shop by Place and not by Variety
  • Buy Local brands
  • Go for Big stores
  • Ignore the signs and symbols and buy the best

It might so happen that even after these ideas you bring a bottle which you don’t like. Do not throw the bottle. Instead, you can use citrus, sparkling water and whatever fruit you have for making quick spritzer in white wines.  If it is a red wine, you can turn it into a mulled one or make a Kalimotxo by adding Coke.


There are many shops which sell all types of wine. However, it is important to know the type of wine they are selling and whether those wines are good for you or not. The above-mentioned tips can come to your rescue while buying wine from supermarket.

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