Important Fundamental Network Security Tips to Assist Small Businesses

With the increasing rate of cybercrimes, businesses have realized that they are at a high risk of cyberattacks. Around 50 percent of cyberattacks target small-sized businesses. From 18 percentages in 2011, the rate of cybercrime has significantly increased.

One out of every forty businesses is at risk of becoming a cybercrime victim. Ensure your data remains secure with the following network security tips designed for small businesses. Follow these simple steps to protect your company’s data.

Educate employees

Human error is considered to be one of the major cybersecurity risks to small businesses. Such type of mistakes includes leaving accounts open and unattended on shared systems, failing to update passwords from time to time, accidentally downloading erroneous and malicious files, and give away information via phishing scams.

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One of the best ways to prevent cybercrime is by educating employees about the right use of cybersecurity to identify phishing scams, regularly update their anti-virus software, personal and business devices.

Also, ensure that there are proper cybersecurity policies in place. Make sure your employees have got proper understanding of them. Cyber policies should include rules regarding network and device access, frequency of password change, level of password strength, best file sharing practices, reporting procedures on stolen or lost files and security application policies.

Keep your software updated

Another important threat for any small businesses is the use of outdated software. The regular and timely software update is important because older versions of software are easier to hack. Cybercriminals have good knowledge about loopholes in that software.

Updates cover those security vulnerabilities. They also enhance functionality to safeguard your critical official data against malware, viruses, and other types of hacking. You may need to update the hardware of your system to be able to obtain software updates as soon as they release.

Some of the software that is important to be updated on a regular basis are website CMS, financial tracking system, inventory-tracking software, operating systems, and anti-virus programs. Keep them up-to-date by downloading and running their recent releases of update.

Safeguard your WiFi

Wi-Fi network can be seen as one of the potential entry points for cybercriminals. It is important to take effective measures to secure your Internet connection. Ensure that you use a robust firewall and encrypt all the data that passes through the network.

It is important to hide your network so that other people cannot make an attempt to access it. This can be done by setting up the router so that it does not broadcast the name of your network.


Cases of cybercrimes are increasing day by day. As companies are very much prone to these attacks, it is important to use the above steps to safeguard your company’s critical data. The more alert and proactive the company, the more effectively it can protect it from cybercrime.

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