By | August 1, 2017

Many professions require the lifting and moving of heavy items. Whether it’s unloading a truck, moving things in a warehouse, or lifting a heavy crate of trade show supplies, an electric scissor lift can greatly help with this task. Not only can the lift handle a substantial amount of weight, but by using the lift you can help prevent injury in the workplace. If you’re thinking about getting a scissor lift for your work place here are some things you’ll want to know.

How a Scissor Lift Works

A hydraulic scissor lift works when an electric motor is used to compress hydraulic fluid into a cylinder. The force applied to the fluid is then transferred to the lifting mechanism. As the fluid travels from one end to the other the force becomes greater, allowing for greater lift. The electric scissor lift is great for heavy duty lifting in an industrial setting.

There are other versions that may use air or gas instead of hydraulic fluid. This is due to the fact that in industries such as food Because scissor lifts are designed to work in different ways, any company can use this machine no matter their industry.

These machines are called scissor lifts do to the crisscross pattern the supporting struts make as the lift table moves. This “X” shape is called a pantograph and the pattern is structurally strong allowing for large, heavy loads. There are also mobile lifts that may make it easier to move large loads around a room.

Helping You Stay Safe

Using a scissor lift can help you eliminate potential hazards in the workplace. Any type of repeated lifting or bending can come with the risk of injury. To avoid possible strain and keep your team safe, it’s important to use the proper equipment. Especially when lifting heavy loads. An electric scissor lift can do the heavy lifting for you, greatly reducing any risks to your safety.

Whether you’re looking at an electric or hydraulic scissor lift, the fact is that if you need to lift a heavy load then having a machine to help you is the way to go. With a lifting helper you can avoid injury and back strain to yourself and your team. Choose from stationary lift or mobile possibilities to suit your company’s needs, and feel comfortable that the heaviest part of the work is being handled by a machine built to take the load. Remember, if you need help choosing the right lift, a helpful professional can answer any questions.

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