By | August 1, 2017

Every year, all over the world, business teams make plans. Ambitious entrepreneurs may design a company around an innovative idea, while international executives might plan expansions into foreign markets. A common element of these examples might be described as focus on core business strategy.Business leaderswho understand the value of effective back-office administration and may be turning toward an administrative services outsourcing company, also known as an ASO provider.

Administration companies can provide a group of services “bundled” together and purchased in one outsourcing relationship. For client companies, this may mean access to specialized knowledge bases and economies of scale when purchasing products such as employee health benefits and workers compensation insurance.

Keep Your Attention on Your Core Business

For business leaders, running small startups or global expansion projects with lean and specialized teams, an ASO company might be an ideal fit to make sure the company can remain. In an environment where so much intellectual capital might be directed toward innovation and product development, routine administrative tasks, such as processing payroll and maintaining employee information, might be pushed aside or only marginally completed, which can create long-term compliance problems or even legal vulnerabilities.

An ASO provider could provide early and constant information and suggestions to support current budgets and watch for future threats. One example of this might be the US distinction between medical care needed for a personal illness or injury contrasted with medical care needed for a workplace illness or injury. A worker or manager unfamiliar with the distinction between them might give incorrect advice or neglect to file a timely workers compensation claim, potentially causing future confusion. Situations such as these might also deprive the company of valuable workplace safety information and a claims management opportunity.

Practical and Strategic Assistance

Simply put, an ASO company may provide a performance management document, may monitor manager progress at review time and also may offer strategic insight about workforce capacity.As an example in benefits, an administrative services company may gather proposals from competing carriers, coordinate all open enrollment events and also follow up to assist in full compliance.Executive teams from client companies also find streamlined payroll processing, applicant tracking, new employee onboarding and HRIS maintenance.

From the perspective of employee satisfaction and retention, outsourcing employee administration may make sense because of the robust attention to employee benefits.From the perspective of company compliance, experienced administrators may remedy some of the lingering business threats caused by lackluster documentation and poor compliance habits. Together, these reasons can make a compelling case for contracting with an ASO provider.

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