By | August 11, 2017

With plenty of writing jobs available, there is no dearth of writers who possess proficiency and skill in areas like writing product descriptions for promotional purposes, etc.  By skill it implies a few areas that one has mastered over years of learning. Learning about the desired skill set will definitely help one work on these areas and hone them to bring desired outcomes.

Proficient in writing in different writing styles

You don’t want yourself to be limited or restricted to a specific type of writing. This will not just limit your scope of writing but also your earnings. Different type of articles requires a different type of writing styles.

For examples, if you have been assigned a news article to write, then you have to write in AP style. This style comprises of short and informational paragraphs with a captivating headline at the top.

If you are employed to write a blog for a blogging site, then you have to write in an interactive, personable, opinionated, and friendly style. For writing advertisements, you need to write crisp and meaningful one liner. When writing for thesis, or white papers, you have to write in a detailed way. Such articles have to be long and elaborate.

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  • Understand the audience

You are writing content not for yourself or your company or brand but your audience. So, choose the topic that compels to the audience and meets their needs. You need to adopt a marketing strategy called as creating a “buyer persona.”

  • Carry out keyword research

Keywords play a very critical role in the content you prepare. Correct selection and placement of keywords are very important for your content to come in the top results of the Google. There are several tools available that enable content writers to research for the most appropriate keyword for your article.

  • Find your competition

To stand ahead of the competition, besides creating your content you also need to know what your peers are sharing. This will give you an insight into the taste and likes and dislikes of people. You need to create your content as per their preferences. Also learn about all the tweets and discussion that is going on the social media to gain information on the competitive content.

Make an interesting title

The title holds a lot of significance in the content that you are making. It should capture the interest of the people and compel them to read. Along with the title, don’t forget to write the gist of the entire article in Meta description in an interesting way.


Without proper writing skills, it can be very hard to make a living of it. Even if you don’t possess expertise in this area, you can still cultivate these skills in you. With continuous and dedicated efforts, you can make a fulfilling career in this field.

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