By | August 1, 2017

Whether you’re replacing broken hardware on ajacket or designing the ultimate packing system for your camping gear, a plastic cord lock is a little accessory that can solve big problems. Extremely versatile, cord locks are useful in everything from clothing to sailboat rigging. Also called cord stops or cord fasteners, these small items have a myriad of uses, and since you can easily tighten and release them with one hand, they are quick and convenient fasteners. Here are a few ideas for putting them to work for you.

Storage and Packing Solutions

Aplastic cord lock can be your invisible ally around the house. Use these handy fasteners to quickly bundle up those items in the garage or shed that always seem to defy your efforts at neatness. Loop clothesline, paracord, or rope around your coiled garden hoses or extension cords, and then slide the ends through a cord lock to keep things together. Store those rolls of wrapping paper with bungee cord or utility rope secured with a cord fastener, and you can keep them from migrating all over your closet shelves when you’re rummaging for something else.If you’re hanging onto lengths of PVC pipe for home improvement projects, or you keep an array of gardening tools with long handles that are always falling over when you move them, cord locks can help you organize them.

Camping Gear and Clothing

Campers probably already know many of the uses for plastic cord locks. When you are stuck in a sudden thunderstorm, cord locks help you batten down the hatches on your rucksack as well as secure your raincoat hood firmly around your face, all with a quick one-handed adjustment. Used on everything from backpacks to tent flaps, plastic fasteners hold up well to the elements and don’t get stuck like zippers can.

They’re useful at home, too. Sliding cord fasteners are great for cinching up loose sweatpants and the kids’ backpacks quickly, but their uses don’t stop there. Even if your article of clothing didn’t originally come with a plastic fastener, you can add one yourself to avoid that pesky problem of losing one end of your drawstring when it slips through the buttonhole opening or grommet in your pajama pants. Since these fasteners are lightweight and plastic, they can hold up to washing and drying and won’t cramp your style if you use them on your favorite drawstring sweatpants.

As you can see, a plastic cord lock is a tiny item that can have a big impact once you start thinking of the possibilities. Whether you’re organizing your garage or bundling up the little ones before they go out in the snow, cord fasteners are your allies for quick, secure fastening when you need it.

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